Santa Maria


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Brilliant and fresh, the Santa Maria shawl calls for all those who dream of aviation, at least in an artistic and feathery sort of way. Handcrafted out of lightweight cashmere, perfect for the coming autumn chill, this wrap takes the winter nesting feeling to the next level! Stunning in winter white or natural pashmina, this shawl sports a stamped silver feather motif across the body. Warm and elegant, this shawl is as stunning as it is functional. Chic, and easy to style, fly this wrap around your shoulders for a divine addition to whatever outfit needs a bit of feathery warmth!                                                                  
  • Large silver feather foil stamped on shawl 
  • Available in 2 colors: winter white & natural pashmina
  • Light weight cashmere
  • Hand crafted
  • 81" length x 29" width
  • Dry clean 

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