Santa Clara Shawl


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For an all white summer bash, or a winter-sunset-hued addition to your holiday dress, the Santa Clara Shawl is the perfect piece. Soft, silky, cashmere printed with small silver feathers, this shawl is made to wrap gently around your shoulders to give you that extra bit of warmth and comfort with every wear. Gorgeous in winter white or natural pashmina, this wrap really goes with everything! This handcrafted shawl will keep you comfortable and chic during any chill morning, noon, or night. Style with your favorite look for all the sophistication and warmth you could ever desire in an outfit.

  • Small silver feather foil stamped on shawl
  • Available in 2 colors: winter white & natural pashmina
  • Light weight cashmere
  • Hand crafted
  • 81" length x 29" width
  • Dry clean

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