Rhea Baroque Pearl Necklace (Long)


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The Rhea Baroque Pearl Necklace is truly like nothing you’ve ever seen! A rope of pearls, round and rough and natural, linked together with a thin connecting wire, whose tiny width gives depth and luster to the pearls it connects. A perfect modern concept of the classic shape, this necklace could easily have been worn by Picasso’s models, or a flapper in Paris. Held together by a 18k white gold electroplated clasp adorned with crystals, this necklace could hardly get more luxurious. Perfect for any occasion, this necklace is as versatile as it is timeless and elegant!                                                                                                                
  • Large baroque pearls
  • 18k white gold electroplated clasp with crystals
  • 37.5 inches long
  • Hand crafted

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