Peace Bracelet (Black Lava Buddha Bracelet)


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Our clients cannot get enough of the Buddha Bracelets. The PEACE Bracelets are one of our classic original styles, dating to the early days of Yatra. These gorgeous natural lava stones are a great foundational piece for stacking with your favorite bangles or bracelets. With its organic, textured surface this stretch bracelet is suited for casual, office or formal occasions. Wear it all day, everyday, it will become a part of you. The colored Buddha head adds a dash of welcome color and movement to your bangle stack.

When worn the black or white polished lava beads are hand-strung together to increase your inner energy. The Buddha head is a symbol of peace and happiness. The bracelets are best worn on the left hand to attract good health and wealth. The Tibetan 18k gold dipped prayer beads are used by monks in their rosary and signify spiritualism. These bracelets have been created to balance the emotions and bring about calmness and provide strength. 

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